Please be patient as updates are made to the information on this document.  Deadlines will be updated as soon as possible upon receipt of updates and within six weeks of deadline dates posted, if possible, pending annual updates from sponsors.


See Underclassman Scholarships & Contests.

IMPORTANT for Seniors

Preview the scholarship opportunities below well in advance of the deadlines to determine eligibility and thoroughly prepare your application materials, including giving two weeks’ notice for letters of recommendations (helpful questionnaires are provided in the hallway).  The office will mail these paper applications for you if you have them completely ready to go and in the academic advising mailbox at least four school days before the deadline indicated on this document.

Got smarts?  

Colleges have academic scholarships. Go to the college’s website, and research these scholarships early in the fall.  Most deadlines are October - December.

Scholarship Websites

Helpful websites for college scholarship opportunities and other goal-oriented topics,


Common Application

  • Use this one site to apply for SEVERAL colleges in and out of state, including University of Michigan, Alma, Albion, and others
  • Opens August 1 (look at this as soon as possible and get started--be thinking about essay answers)

Horatio Alger Scholarship

  • Opens August 1


Shower Songs

  • - Deadline September 30


Central Michigan University

  • Centralis and Other Scholarships
  • Various deadlines (see their site for dates)

Breakthrough Junior Challenge

  • Deadline 10-1
  • I read through the rules and couldn’t find anything that would stop a senior from applying

Young Entrepreneur Award

  • Opens 10-1

Horatio Alger Scholarship

  • Deadline 10-25 (must create an account to apply)

November (revised 10-12-17)


DECEMBER (revised 11-21-17)


JANUARY (revised 11-27-17)


FEBRUARY (revised 12-21-16)



IMPORTANT! Note that Academic Advising office deadlines are FOUR school days prior to deadlines indicated.  Local scholarship list below deadline for office handling is Friday, March 23, 2018 at 3:15 PM.  Please do not turn in your applications after the deadline.  

MARCH - Local Scholarships


  • Preview the list below FIRST, THEN use the

    Google DriveScholarship Applications to review/print scholarship requirements / application.

  • Deadline to office  is 3-23-18 at 3:15 PM. Paper applications can be printed from  Scholarship Applications or be requested through the advising office if copies are not provided in the wooden wall display across from the office.

Local Scholarship List

Please review requirements BEFORE your request.

  1. Atlanta Masonic Lodge Scholarship (note earlier deadline)
  2. Atlanta Thunder Bay Eagles Scholarship
  3. Bass Club Scholarship
  4. Christyn Marie Painter Memorial Scholarship
  5. Chase Lee Covington Memorial Scholarship
  6. Elsie and Everett Connon Memorial Scholarship
  7. Friends of Lake Avalon Scholarship
  8. Harold Patchel Memorial Scholarship
  9. Hillman Area Lions Club Scholarship
  10. Hillman Athletic Boosters Scholarship
  11. Hillman EMS Association Scholarship
  12. Hillman High School Alumni 1935-1962 Scholarship (not currently offered)
  13. Hillman Knights of Columbus Council 8041 Scholarship
  14. Hillman Scouting Scholarship
  15. James A. Bannan Scholarship
  16. Jason Elowsky Memorial Scholarship
  17. Lake Avalon Property Owners Scholarship
  18. Madison Noffze Memorial Scholarship
  19. Montmorency County Chapter of the Michigan Township Association Scholarship
  20. New Beginnings Ministries Scholarship
  21. Rex and Hazel Badder Memorial Athletic Scholarship (In 2017--two $500 scholarships)
  22. Rust Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship
  23. WHEELS of Northeast Michigan
  24. Zachary Robertson Memorial Scholarship


Spring Break reminder!  We come back 4-3--remember the four days’ notice.







  • Robert Turner Baseball Scholarship--Deadline 7-1
  • Montmorency County Fair Agricultural Scholarship--Deadline 7-1
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