Dual Enrollment

Dear Parent /Caregiver of Dual Enrollment Students:

We wanted to reach out and update you on some information regarding Dual Enrollment.  It was brought to our attention that some of the local school districts have an agreement with Alpena Community College to purchase textbooks and pay for students' enrollment.  We wanted to share with you the information we found out after speaking with surrounding districts and Alpena Community College:

50% of all the schools that ACC serves have an agreement to pay for tuition and books for both Dual Enrollment and 5th Year (Early Middle College) students.

Some of the local districts do participate with ACC to offer this service, however they also limit the number of classes students can take, when they can take them, and what grade level students can start taking Dual Enrollment Courses.  

Most school districts limit students to a total of 10 credit hours of Dual Enrollment work no matter the student’s capability.

All schools that participate with ACC limit the courses they pay for by either the course students can take, starting Dual Enrollment at the 11th grade level, or only allowing courses that are provided on the school campus.


Hillman Community School offers the following:

Students in our 5th Year program receive free tuition, books, and fees.

Students can take courses beginning their 10th grade year. (9th grade for advanced students)

Students are not limited to the 10 credits and HCS utilizes a waiver to make this happen for our students that can be successful in this path.

Students meet with Mrs. Nichols and Mrs. Sobeck for support prior to registration and review expectations for being in Dual Enrolled or the 5th Year Program.

HCS provides textbooks previously used by students at no cost to families.

Students’ fees are paid by HCS

Students can be refunded 100% of the cost for all textbooks (eBooks) purchased once they are turned in following the successful completion of any course.

Students who have a hardship can get additional support from HCS no matter which program they participate in.


We hope this information helps you to understand how Hillman Community School is dedicated to our students.  We are proud of supporting our students to choose their own path and feel Dual Enrollment and our 5th Year Program are two examples of making this happen for our student body.


If you have any additional questions please check out the Dual Enrollment Information below or contact Mrs. Nichols or Dr. Rader.



Mrs.Kayla Nichols - Principal Dr. Rader - Interim Superintendent


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